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Why Night Eyes?

Night Eyes was originally formed over 17 years ago to keep a watchful eye over happenings in the Pumicestone Passage and surrounding areas. Most of the operation was done at night - hence the name. The operation has changed considerably with no night work (apart from emergency situations) and has grown from one or two people to an incorporated body with a membership approaching 100.

We have considered a name change many times but we have resolved to just explain there are a lot of 'eyes' watching over our local water and land. We now have a larger and more suitable boat with assistance from Queensland Community Benefit Fund allowing a larger payload and easier transport of personnel.

We are mostly mature-age volunteers.

"We keep a watchful eye over our wildlife, our water and land to assist our future."

Statistics for September 2017

Boat Icon
Boat Hours
Month this year 75.5 Last year 59.0
YTD this year 75.5 Last year 59.0
Person Icon
Shore Hours
Month this year 708.0 Last year 6,313.0
YTD this year 708.0 Last year 6,313.0
Rubbish Icon
Rubbish Litres
Month this year 14,385 Last year 14,491
YTD this year 14,385 Last year 14,491

Recent Happenings

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A President Reports:

Dorelle Pustolla, our past President, delivered the President's Report at our September 2017 Annual General Meeting. Read her report here . . .

. . . or download a PDF copy here . . .

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